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Premier Central Vac offers start-to-finish solutions for every project.
Installation time depends on the size of the home or business, but the typical installation time is about one day. Looking to do it yourself? We can provide some coaching and all the products you'll need.

Our professional installations adhere to the Five Stage Installation Standards, ensuring your vacuum system will be properly installed the first time. We therefore provide a 2 year labor guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against installation defects. Should any pipe crack, break, come unglued, or fall-apart, we will repair it at no charge... for the life of your home!

New Construction & Remodels Installation

Just before drywall, the central vacuum tubing is installed. Tube installation is quick compared to the other trades. If your budget is tight, consider at least installing the pipes, so your home will be "central vacuum ready" for a later date!

Existing Home Installation Specialist

Watch us retrofit your home with minimal disruption to the walls. Together we determine the wall valve locations, and we will find the specific point to run pipe from below or above. We make sure the location is free of barriers and then mount the vacuum inlet to the wall. From the basement or attic we glue pipe to the fitting on the inlet's back side. Once we've stubbed in all the inlets, we install PVC connecting them all together and to the central vacuum power unit.

Swap Outs

Already have a central vacuum and want more power from a quieter machine that is easier to empty? Let us install any of our vacuums and you'll love the difference. Choose between top or bottom emptying, closed or open bag, or even bag-less! We have the total satisfaction solution for you at a price you will love.

What makes our installations unique?

A central vacuum, over time, is only as good as the installation. Our years of experience at Premier Central Vac ensures each and every vacuum pipe is joined properly, glued well, and each wall plate is securely attached. We find the most direct pipe route and use less fittings in order to maximize airflow. We make sure the hose hanger is properly mounted so it doesn't pull from the wall over time. Lastly, we take the time to go over the system with you and how to use each part.


The typical 3,000ft home will cost approximately $2,500-3,500 for a full Hide-a-Hose installation with standard attachments (Add $1,000 if the drywall is already installed.) Additional optional items available including VacPans, Vroom, Electric tool sets and specialty attachments.


Messes happen every day in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and other high-traffic areas of your home. Take care of these unplanned, uh-oh nuisance messes with Vroom, the quick-clean central vacuum accessory with a retractable hose.


Introducing the new CanSweep Inlet Valve With easy operation and horizontal rear outlet, installation is made easy. The new CanSweep® brings a modern design with textured appearance and zero loss of suction. Made in Canada.

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